Let's Do Network Marketing
The Way We All Wish it was Done​!

 Plain and simple the best way to combat failure is with success.
​​We want to create your success and riches for everyone who
joins with us. We will place the members you need to earn income under you, plain and simple. We will then continue on to place new members under those who we had placed under you and so on.

  Can we do this? The answer is yes, we promote this site and this idea all over the Internet and this promise we make is easily understood as a person's best chance to finally earn in​​come with a Network Marketing business. (where there is a 98% chance they would fail otherwise)

  The big question is would you join a business where you have the assurance of success from a group of people who need your success to be successful themselves.​​ We need your participation and you need our recruiting capability.

  Why would we recruit for you rather than just continue enrolling for ourselves? You see, if we enroll you and then move on there is 98% chance you won't stick around when your business doesn't grow. That would be an exercise in futility and simply continue to damage the reputation of Network Marketing.

​​Didn't you ever wish that just one of the Network Marketing businesses that you joined had just worked?
  Or are you just now looking at the home based business industry and wonder how it can possibly work for you?​​

  Before you sign up for a business wouldn't you like some insurance that your business will grow and you will earn money​​?

  We are doing just that. When you join a business with us we will give you the minimum number of sign ups you need to be eligible for income in that business.
We will do the same for those people that enrolled under you and so on, and so on. 

  We don't want anyone quitting and adding to that reputation of failure of Network Marketing. Instead we and you need the cooperation and participation of all involved in the compensation plans.​​​​​

Here's What You Do!

​  First go to the "Opportunities"  page and choose a business that suits you.
Then simply email Bob at TheHomeBizDepot@gmail.com​ tell us who you are and which business you would like to join. Bob will promptly email you  the url to the replicated website provided by that business for the member that you will be enrolling under. Then after you successfully sign up, email Bob your personal url for your new business so he can forward it to the next person who will be enrolling under you. We have chosen to do this process person to person for a couple of reasons. 1. Automation usuall screws up and someone gets angry. 2. the less someone has to interact with a program the better. This allows people with little or no computer skills to participate. We want all the participation we can get!

P.S. Feel free to choose more than one business if you can afford to, we completely believe in multiple sources of income.​
Let's Start A Revolution!

  We are starting a Revolution to change the 98% failure rate in Network Marketing to a 98% Success Rate!

 We are going to be rebelling against all the conventional wisdom of "The Experts"​ who say things like "Don't re-invent the wheel" or "we have a proven system that works, just work the system."
  Here's what I say...If the system works, why is there a 98% failure rate and if that "Wheel" is failing maybe we need to re-apply it so it works right!

 Let's first define the ONE problem that causes just about all the failure of Network Marketing​​. It all stems from the bad reputation of Network Marketing.

Let's face it if MLM had a fantastic reputation for making more people rich, then enrolling more people wouldn't be a problem. ​

  Here's how Network Marketing got such a bad rap, The doors of opportunity were opened to everyone.  People with all levels of ambition and understanding. The unfortunate truth is that the large majority of people do not have the entrepreneur mindset. They do not have the ability to overcome rejection and keep pushing on in the face of adversity in a less than traditional business model.​​​​ Tired of rejection and seeing no advancement in their business, they quit.

​​​  It happens all the time, inexperienced people signing friends and family into a good opportunity and  hoping for the best. You know the rest of the story, these friends and family don't get any real support or training to propel their business forward, so they quit and feel cheated. Then they proclaim to anyone who asks that "those things never work!" or "It was just a scam!"

 Then you have an enormous group of people making these negative claims.​​ This situation then self perpetuates again and again. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and the single biggest obstacle a new member faces when trying to build his new business. But what do we do about it?


​ ​​


Make Money Online, home based business, Online Jobs, Home Biz depot Make Money Online, home based business, Online Jobs, Home Biz depot

Work from home, make money online, cash, internet cash, mlm, network marketing, the home biz depot
Work from home, make money online, cash, internet cash, mlm, network marketing, the home biz depot
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"Your broke friends think its a scam...but rich people say its the fastest way to accumulate wealth...who are you listening to???"
Work from home, make money online, cash, internet cash, mlm, network marketing, the home biz depot